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2008 Add Rows Bug for Macs
affected software: 2008 Trac Software for fruit
versions: 2008
platform: Mac computers
bug: The “Click Here For More Rows” button stays in rows 31-33 on the SprayData sheet making it difficult to enter and read data underneath it. An error message indicates a problem adding rows, though rows are added.
fix: Data can be entered in the cells behind the button. The sheets function normally. This bug was fixed in 2008 Trac Turf software and in all 2009 Trac Fruit software.

2008 TracGrape Constellation Sheet Name Bug
affected software: TracGrape2008_v7
versions: 2008_v7
platform: PC or Mac computers
bug: In TracGrape2008_v7 the name of the sheet CenterraWineCo was changed to Constellation. When selecting “Constellation” from the list of report forms in column A on the SprayData sheet the data does not transfer to the Constellation form.
fix: From the list of report forms select “Every Report” or type in “CenterraWineCo” in column A on the SprayData sheet. Or use TracGrape2008_v8 which does not have this bug.

2008 Fatal Bug Excel 2002
affected software: TracGrape2008, TracStoneFruit2008, and TracCherry2008
versions: 2008
platform: PC computers
bug: A “Repaired” Trac opens with no formatting or macros when using Excel 2002 (distributed with Microsoft Office XP).More at Fatal Bug Excel 2002.
fix: Upgrade to Microsoft Excel 2003 or newer versions, up to Excel 2007.

2006 Roundup Bug
affected software: TracApple2006, TracPear2006
versions: 2006
platform: PC or Mac computers
bug: The TracApple and TracPear ChemTables give the wrong active ingredient for two Roundup herbicides.
fix: Download an Excel spreadsheet to copy and paste the correct information.

2006 Cliffstar More Rows Button Bug
affected software: TracGrape2006, TracBerry2006, TracStoneFruit2006
versions: 2006
platform: PC or Mac computers
bug: Incorrect Password window appears asking for the ‘Cliffstar&WestfieldMaid’ password.
fix: Click on Cancel and then OK. Rows will still be added to the Cliffstar&WestfieldMaid worksheet.