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About TracLawn

TracLawn offers lawn care managers easy-to-use spreadsheets such as SiteLists, ChemTable, SprayData that link to create the detailed records and reports you need.

Begin by entering your company information into Name/Address and list your licensed applicators and their certification numbers in the Applicators form.

The Customers form allows you to personalize your Trac software to your specific needs. Enter your customers into this spreadsheet and the information will be available as drop-down lists on other Trac spreadsheets. The more specific the information you enter, the more detailed your records will be. Including the county name here and the correct county code will be inserted in your annual pesticide applicator report.

TracLawn’s ChemTable comes with an extensive list of turfgrass products (product name, EPA registration number and active ingredients). Choose the products you use for a personalized list. You may add products at any time.

SprayData. This is where your pesticide application is recorded. The process will be made easier by choosing the site, application and product details from your own personalized drop-down lists.

Good records enhance your Integrated Pest Management strategy and make your reports easy to generate. The detailed information encourages more effective and efficient use of labor, pesticides and fertilizers, as well as tracking product re-entry times and your bottom line.

Four reports can be generated in TracLawn:

Trac users — Find answers to questions on the FAQs web page.

Obtain Trac Software for Turf