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About Trac Software

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About Trac Software
Trac Software Manual (200k pdf)
Copyright 2003 - 2013 Cornell University
All rights reserved.
Developed by Juliet Carroll, NYS IPM Program

Trac users — Find answers to questions on the FAQs web page.

Trac Software is available for Fruit and Turfgrass.



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Those familiar with working on a spreadsheet will find it easy to use Trac software, since it is written in MS Excel, a popular spreadsheet program. Very simply, the user “fills in the blanks” on the data-entry sheets, much like sheets of paper. One sheet asks for basic grower information, such as name and address, another sheet allows the user to enter their spray information, etc.

Trac software data-entry sheets
NameAddress: contact information
Applicators: applicator names and certification numbers

SiteLists: create dropdown lists of names & codes for your farm business or turf areas

Customers: customer information (TracLawn only)

HarvestData: record harvest dates and tracking numbers

FertData: record fertilizer applications

ChemTable: create and maintain your chemical inventory; add up to 30 materials; track costs

SprayData: spray record; automatically enters EPA #, active ingredient, calculates safe re-entry and earliest harvestable date and spray costs

From the data entry sheets the program completes various report forms, plus, an EPA Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Central Posting form and the Applicator/Technician Pesticide Annual Report. Each version of Trac software has processor & buyer report forms specific to that crop.

Trac software generates drop down lists for pesticide trade names and target pests that you can select from. Using drop down lists saves time and prevents typing errors, improving the accuracy of your records.