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Teaching IPM

Why do we teach IPM?

Teaching people about the link between pesticide use, IPM, and water quality is crucially important. Public concern about health and environmental risks, especially for children, is increasing.  more ...

For Classrooms

What is IPM? Basics for Teachers (a 385k pdf brochure).

SOLE: Science of Life Explorations Lesson activities for 4th and 5th grade students created to follow NYS curriculum.

Fun with Insects, Weeds, and the Environment: 4th and 5th grade students learn to use the 6 steps of IPM to help protect the environment in 4 lessons.

Teaching in Conley Park, 436k pdf file

Have fun with our Helpers/Troublemakers Grabber! 777k pdf file

For Farms

Integrated Pest Management for Confined Dairy Animal Fly Pests IPM Teleconference

Fly Management in the Organic Dairy Pasture—eOrganic Webinar

Trac Computer Training Modules

Tactical Agriculture (TAg)

Tactical Agriculture Educational Materials

Northeast Regional agriculture teaching modules

Livestock IPM videos

Field Crops IPM videos

Grape IPM videos:

For IPM Professionals

Professional Program in Pest Management