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Recent IPM Publications

IPM Field Corn Pocket Guide

The 280-page IPM Field Corn Pocket Guide is a resource for Extension staff, farmers, and scouts in the Northeast. It covers the management of insects, diseases, vertebrates, and weeds, plus sustainable ways to manage manure, store harvests, and maintain soil health and fertility. The Pocket Guide was produced by Karen Edelstein, Carrie Koplinka-Loehr, and J. Keith Waldron, IPM Program; and James VanKirk, Northeast IPM Facilitator, with assistance from an interstate team and funds from the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program.

Apple Pest Fact Sheet

Achieving Biological Control of European Red Mite in Northeast Apples: An Implementation Guide for Growers is an eight-page color fact sheet co-authored by Deborah Breth, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Lake Ontario Fruit Program; Jan Nyrop, Department of Entomology, NYS Agricultural Experiment Station (NYSAES); and Joseph Kovach, IPM Program. It explains how to use predatory mites to manage the European red mite and why a particular species of predatory mite is the most effective one. The publication was funded by the National Biological Control Institute of the USDA and was based on research funded by the IPM Program.

Apple IPM Manual

Apple IPM: A Guide for Sampling and Managing Major Apple Pests in New York State is a manual for apple growers co-authored by Art Agnello, Jan Nyrop, and Harvey Reissig, Department of Entomology, NYSAES; Joseph Kovach, IPM Program; and Wayne Wilcox, Department of Plant Pathology, NYSAES. the first edition was published in 1993. A second printing with slight revisions was issued early in 1999.

All About White Grubs

All About White Grubs, an eight-panel color brochure, uses photographs, illustrations, and nontechnical language to educate the public about the life cycle of these common turf pests as well as the what, how, and when of recommended IPM treatments for them. It is co-authored by Jana Lamboy, IPM Program, and Michael Villani, Department of Entomology, NYSAES.

A Model IPM Recommendation Document for Vegetables

Integrated Crop and Pest Management Recommendations for Commercial Vegetable Production , a 305-page book published in 1999, is the result of a two-year grant funded by the Northeast IPM Grants Program. Editors Stephen Reiners, Department of Horticultural Sciences, NYSAES; Curt Petzoldt, IPM Program; Mike Hoffmann, Department of Entomology, Cornell University; and Christine Cefalu Schoenfeld, IPM Program, worked with 19 discipline editors from Cornell University to create this comprehensive volume. The new Recommendations is a major revision of what was the Cornell University Pest Management Recommendations for Vegetable and Potato Production. The purpose of the revision was to create a document that includes alternatives to pesticides as well as pesticide information, cultural practices, fertility practices, and crop variety information. This inclusiveness allows users of the document to more easily understand and make use of all IPM options rather than just pesticides. Pest complexes covered are weeds, diseases, insects, and wildlife. The book is currently being formatted for loading onto the World Wide Web.