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As the 20th century draws to a close, the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program continues to grow in relevancy and importance. An ever-increasing concern for human health and the environment is driving the development of rapidly advancing technologies directed at long-term, systemwide approaches to crop production similar to those proposed in the Long-Range Plan for IPM.

The 1999 Annual Report reflects a continued emphasis on research and development, demonstration and implementation, and programs of instruction providing for the integration of cultural, biological, and chemical crop management practices. It also marks the 13th consecutive year of public support for statewide programs in livestock and field crops, fruit, ornamentals, and vegetables. Forty-five research and implementation projects were funded by the IPM Grants Program, bringing the total number of projects funded to over 700 since the Program’s inception in 1985.

The 1999 report highlights several of the projects and provides a complete listing of projects funded through the state appropriation. Interviews with growers, a special look at the team that makes things happen in IPM for grapes, and an update on pesticide application technology are just some of the areas reported on that will serve to demonstrate how the IPM Program is making a difference.

Of note is the retirement of Dr. James Tette, whose numerous accomplishments over the past 13 years have resulted in widespread acknowledgment that the New York State IPM Program is one of the nation’s best. On behalf of New York State’s most important industry--agriculture--and its most important resource--its people--I extend to Dr. Tette our sincere appreciation for his dedicated work and service.

I hope you will join me in the continued support of this worthy endeavor.


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Nathan Rudgers
Acting Commissioner