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Information Delivery through Electronic Technology

IPM information reaches growers via the "web"

The delivery of crop protection and pest management information to growers continues to expand through the use of statewide, regional, or commodity websites. Delivery of information through automatic "faxing" to growers is also on the rise.

In the past year IPM Program staff have noted an increase in the number of growers who use computers to gather data for pest management decision making. Increases have also occurred in the types of information available to grower audiences on several IPM and Cornell websites. Some of this information is free, while the data and information on the impact of weather on pest problems involves a subscription by a grower. These data are derived from locally based weather stations that are queried each day by a computer.

The universal resource locator (URL) for the IPM Program website is <>. A wealth of information, usable by agriculturists, researchers, and consumers, can be found at this site and the many sites linked to it.