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The IPM Grants Program

1998 funds available

The New York State governor and legislature provided $837,000 for the IPM Program in 1998. State funding has remained at this level since 1993. The pie chart shows the allocation of these funds in 1998, with by far the largest portion of the budget going to the IPM grants program.

Additional funds totaling $1,058,029 were garnered from federal IPM programs by members of the Cornell research and extension community, whose proposals were chosen over many others submitted nationwide. Their names and the titles of their projects are listed elsewhere in this report.

1998 funding cycle

The New York State IPM Program provides funds every year for projects that will demonstrate IPM concepts to agricultural producers on their farms. The Program also funds projects that need one or two years of field testing to validate new IPM knowledge and technology. Each fall the Program issues a request for proposals (RFP) for both on-farm demonstration projects and applied research projects. The RFP contains a list of crop and pest priorities developed by the IPM Commodity Working Groups and outlined in the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program Strategic Long-Range Plan. Proposals for the 1998 growing season were due in late January 1998.

After the Commodity Working Groups evaluate and rank the grant proposals each year, the IPM Executive Committee makes final funding decisions. Project leaders were notified of the funding decisions in March of 1998, and began working on their projects immediately thereafter. The funding cycle was completed when the project leaders filed reports on project outcomes with the IPM Program office in December.

The bar graph below shows the numbers and types of state-funded projects for the years 1993-1998. Titles of the 1998 state-funded projects and names of the project leaders are listed elsewhere in this report.

pie graph

bar graph