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Federally Funded Projects

Northeast IPM Grants Program

Development of a Model Integrated Pest Management Recommendation Document–Curtis Petzoldt, Michael Hoffmann, and Stephen Reiners; $19,250 for 1 year

Evaluation of Non-corn Plants As Refugia in a Resistance Management Program for ECB on Bt Corn–John Losey; $92,102 for 2 years

Integrated Management of Immigrant Phytophthora infestans: Area-wide Systems–William Fry; $48,012 for 2 years

Integrated Management of Shoot and Rootstock Phases of Fire Blight on Apple–Herbert Aldwinckle, M. Timur Momol, and John Norelli; $99,970 for 3 years

Mite Biological Control in Apples Through Distribution and Augmentation of Typhlodromus pyri–Jan Nyrop; $99,842 for 2 years

Row Cultivation for Zone-Till: Implications for Reduced Inputs and Soil Conservation–Robert Gallagher; $56,201 for 2 years

Pest Management Alternatives Program Grants

Biological Control of European Corn Borer with Inoculative Releases of Trichogramma ostriniae–Michael Hoffmann; $155,642 for 2 years

Cabbage Maggots on Cole Crops: Documenting Strategies and Developing New Technologies–Anthony Shelton; $158,345 for 2 years

Developing Fifteen Commodity and Pest Management Profiles for Vegetable Crops in New York State–Robin Bellinder and Bill Smith; $42,259 for 6 months

Non-Woven Biodegradable Fiber Barriers for Control of Root Maggot Pests–Michael Hoffmann; $52,713 for 2 years

USDA Special Grant

Controlling Fire Blight Disease of Apple Trees–Herbert Aldwinckle; $233,693 for 1 year