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IPM Commodity Working Groups

The IPM commodity working groups help the IPM Program organize its long-range plans, identify priorities for and evaluate proposals made to its grants program, and encourage teamwork among the scientific disciplines at Cornell.


W. Harvey Reissig, Entomology, Geneva--Chairperson

Arthur Agnello, Entomology, Geneva

Deborah Breth, CCE, IPM Extension Educator

Thomas Burr, Plant Pathology, Geneva

Greg Loeb, Entomology, Geneva

Joseph Kovach, IPM Program Unit

George Lamont, Fruit Grower, Orleans County

Clancy Maynard, Pest Management Consultant, Crist Bros.

Orchards, Orange County

Marvin Pritts, Fruit and Vegetable Science

Terence Robinson, Horticultural Sciences

David Rosenberger, Plant Pathology, Geneva

Timothy Weigle, CCE, IPM Extension Educator

Wayne Wilcox, Plant Pathology, Geneva

Livestock and Field Crops

Russell Hahn, Soil, Crop and Atmos. Sciences, Chairperson

Gary Bergstrom, Plant Pathology, Ithaca

William Cox, Soil, Crop and Atmos. Sciences

Janice Degni, CCE, Lewis County

Lawrence Eckhardt, Capital Area Ag. Consulting, Rensselaer County

Kevin Ganoe, CCE, Herkimer County

Mark Green, Cash Crop Farmer, Monroe County

Donald Rutz, Entomology, Ithaca

Elson Shields, Entomology, Ithaca

Margaret Smith, Plant Breeding and Biometry

Philip Sutton, CCE, IPM Extension Educator

J. Keith Waldron, IPM Program Unit


Eric B. Nelson, Plant Pathology, Ithaca--Chairperson

Nina Bassuk, Floriculture and Orn. Horticulture

Andrew Corbin, CCE, IPM Extension Educator

Gerard ("Rod") Ferrentino, IPM Program Unit

Daniel Gilrein, Long Island Hort. Research Lab.

George Good, Floriculture and Orn. Horticulture

George Hudler, Plant Pathology, Ithaca

Frank Rossi, Floriculture and Orn. Horticulture

Michael Villani, Entomology, Geneva


Michael Hoffmann, Entomology, Ithaca--Chairperson

George Abawi, Plant Pathology, Geneva

Robin Bellinder, Weed Science

Leroy Ellerbrock, Fruit and Vegetable Science

Margaret ("Molly") Kyle, Plant Breeding and Biometry

Dale Moyer, CCE, Suffolk County

Laura Pedersen, CCE, Ontario County

Curtis Petzoldt, IPM Program Unit

Stephen Reiners, Horticultural Sciences

Anthony Shelton, Entomology, Geneva

Steven Slack, Plant Pathology, Ithaca

Ward Tingey, Entomology, Ithaca

Maire Ullrich, CCE, Orange County

David Votypka, Potato Grower, Steuben County

Russell Wallace, Fruit and Vegetable Science

Richard Wildman, Ag. Consulting Services, Inc., Monroe County