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Federally Funded Projects

Northeast IPM Grants Program

Linking Northeast Pest and Crop Models to Electronic Bulletin Boards
Project Leader: C. Petzoldt ; Funding: $13,379

Determining the Impact of an IPM Educational Effort to Field Crop Producers
Project Leader: J. K. Waldron; Funding: $12,885

Development of a Model IPM Recommendation Document
Project Leaders: C. Petzoldt, M. Hoffmann, S. Reiners; Funding: $25,000

Integrating Crop Rotation and Plant Resistance in Onion Pest Management
Project Leaders: M. Mutschler, L. Ellerbrock, J. Lorbeer, C. Eckenrode; Funding $65,124

Integrating Disease and Mite Management in Apples and Grapes
Project Leaders: G. English-Loeb, J. Nyrop, W. Wilcox, W. H. Reissig, A. Agnello; Funding: $86,885

A Reduced Pesticide IPM Strategy for Control of the Parasite Honey Bee Mite, Varroa jacobsoni
Project Leaders: N. Calderone, L. Willett; Funding: $100,000

Technology Transfer of Biologically Based Controls: Fungal Diseases of Greenhouse Tomatoes
Project Leaders: J. Lamboy, H. Dillard; Funding: $91,616

Northeast Pepper IPM Project: A Four-State Project
New York is one of four states that are participating in this grant.
Funding: $100,000