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Statewide IPM Grower Advisory Committee

photo of Alex Kocot
Grower input is crucial to the NYS IPM Program. Onion grower and IPM practitioner Alex Kocot chats with science writer Meredith Rehrman (left) and Cooperative Extension educator Maire Ullrich (center). Photo: M. Haining Cowles.

Warren Abbott, field crops, fruit, and vegetable grower

Dawn Betts, grape grower

Walter Blackler, apple grower

Joseph Broyles, turf consultant

John Cecchini, dairy farmer

Maria Cinque, CCE Nassau County

Scott Collins, dairy farmer

Randy DeBacco, golf course superintendent

Richard DeGraff, vegetable grower

David Deuel, dairy farmer

Rod Dressel, apple grower

Bill Erickson, grape grower

Robert Feindt, golf course superintendent

Tom Giles, vegetable grower

Amy Hepworth, apple grower

Carol MacNeil, CCEOntario County

Gerry Miller, greenhouse grower

Richard Moses, vegetable grower

Robert Noble, dairy farmer

Darrel Oakes, apple grower

Randall Paddock, apple consultant

Rick Pedersen, vegetable grower

Brian Reeves, fruit and vegetable grower

Charles Scheer, nursery grower

Marion ("Mickey") Shuback, onion and turf grower

Cal Snow, dairy famer