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A sampling of outreach activities

Extension IPM outreach activities in addition to TAg Teams included participation by IPM staff in the development of agricultural practice/water quality risk assessment tools that incorporate management guidelines for pests, pesticides, and other potential pollutants. These tools are being utilized in the New York City and Skaneateles Lake watershed protection efforts. Seventy-six farms in these watersheds have voluntarily participated in whole-farm water quality risk assessments for pesticides and other potential pollutants.

IPM extension educators participated in a series of Department of Environmental Conservation and Cornell Cooperative Extension-sponsored meetings in support of the New York State Herbicide Management Plan. One hundred twenty agricultural professionals received weed IPM, herbicide management, and water quality protection training.

IPM extension educators also provided training for 90 certified crop advisors (CCAs) in 1996 and 66 more in January 1997. The New York Certified Crop Advisor Program has been adopted as the model for CCA programs for the entire New England region.

Four hundred fifty agricultural professionals have received IPM training through the New York CCA Program since 1994. The IPM knowledge imparted during these meetings is being multiplied many times as these CCAs consult with growers across the state.