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A sampling of outreach activities

A grape IPM workshop was conducted for 25 vineyard workers and vineyard management teams from two large New York wineries. The workshop included a basic overview of pest biology for insects, diseases, and weeds, and assistance in using this information to develop management strategies.

Extension Educator Deb Breth provided support to tree fruit growers across the Lake Ontario region through both educational outreach and applied research. This included a fax subscription service for frequent delivery of pest management information; biweekly newsletters containing features such as "Harvest Evaluation to Plan Pest Management Strategies for `97: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" (a description of pest damage and an advertisement of an IPM fact sheet series); recorded telephone messages updated weekly in July and August, with primary emphasis on grower concerns over obliquebanded leafroller, apple maggot, and summer diseases; and a summer educational meeting that included a session on leafroller management.

Breth also worked with several Orleans, Monroe, and Niagara County farms that had hired a private consultant to scout pests block by block. She helped these growers incorporate an electronic weather sensor into their pest management decision-making programs.