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Federally Funded Projects

1996 Pest Management Alternative Grants Program
1996 Northeast IPM Grants Program

Mite Biocontrol in Northeast Apples by Distributing the Predator Typhlodromus pyri
Project Leader: J. Nyrop
Funding: $103,773

Integrated Biointensive Management of Apple Arthropod Pests
Project Leader: A. Agnello
Funding: $60,282

Modifying Cultural Practices for Management of Onion Bulb Mites in New York
Project Leader: C. Eckenrode
Funding: $69,996

Management of Nematodes on Carrots by Using a Sudangrass Cover Crop
Project Leader: G. Abawi
Funding: $111,994

Adapting Cultural Practices for Management of Arthropod and Nematode Onion Pests
Project Leader: C. Eckenrode
Funding: $68,500

Developing Traps and Fruit Volatile Lures for Monitoring the Blueberry Maggot
Cooperator: W. Roelofs
Funding: $33,792

Integrated Management of Immigrant Phytophthora infestans
Project Leader: W. Fry
Funding: $50,430

Integrated Pest Management of Beetle Pests of Cucurbits
Project Leader: M. Hoffmann
Funding: $93,731

Integrated Crop Rotation and Plant Resistance in Onion Pest Management
Project Leader: T. Walters
Funding: $30,000

Integration of Insect Growth Regulators and Biological Control Agents for Control of Whiteflies on Poinsettia
Cooperator: J. Sanderson
Funding: $20,202