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Titles & Project Leaders for Cross Commodity IPM Reports 2005 - 2006

Northeast IPM Center Participation by the NYS IPM Program, 2005

L. Braband, G. Couch, J. Gangloff-Kaufmann, C. Petzoldt, K. Waldron

NEWA (Network for Environment and Weather Awareness) 2005: A Year in Review

J. Gibbons, J. Carroll, C. TenEyck, C. Petzoldt, T. Weigle

The 2006 Becker Forum: With Customers in the Driver’s Seat, What Road Will Your Business Follow?

A. Seaman, C. Petzoldt, J. Kikkert, D. Breth, L. Van de Valk

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J. Carroll, C. Petzoldt