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"Branching Out" Keeps Readers Clued-in

photo of tree Branching Out, a newsletter for tree care professionals, Extension educators, and pest managers, provides information on current issues in tree pathology, insect pests, and plant care. Some recent topics: invasive beetles on the move… is your tree suffering from fireblight–or frostbite?… and new alternatives in pesticides. Branching Out also includes information on pesticide registrations and exemptions. Last year, 700 subscribers learned that although the linden bark borer was present en masse, its numbers still didn’t warrant sprays… that once they saw curled foliage on balsam firs, it was too late to treat for balsam twig aphid… and that the best way to treat that new threat, the viburnum leaf beetle, is by pruning away the visible egg masses. "Correct identification before treatment" is the watchword for this newsletter, which is supported in part by the NYS IPM Program.