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Weeds and Your Lawn

Know Your Lawn

Before making any weed management decisions, sketch a map of your property and locate any problem areas.

map of landscape around house

What weeds are present?

Is there evidence of a drainage problem, such as puddles that remain after a rain?

Where is the turf thin or damaged?

Are there trees and shrubs competing with turf for water and sunlight?

Plant the Proper Grasses

Base your selection of turfgrass mixture on intended use of the turf, climate, and availability of light and irrigation. In New York State, cool-season grasses generally grow best, such as Kentucky bluegrass, fine and tall fescues, and perennial ryegrass. Choose a good quality seed mixture of species that are well adapted to the soil conditions at your site. In shady, moist, or acid conditions, other groundcover perennials might be a better choice than grass.