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Weeds and Your Garden

Pulling Weeds--Not Pulling Teeth

When it comes to maintaining a garden, even the most experienced gardener eventually has to pull weeds. Weeding is part of gardening. Here are a few ways to simplify the task:

hover fly in Queen Anne's Lace Many wildflowers and native plants are attractive to beneficial insects, making them a desirable addition to some home gardens.

Balanced Weed Management

IPM - or integrated pest management - means balancing your hopes for a weed-free garden with society's need for a healthy environment. People who practice IPM consider many sustainable strategies that work together to keep pests in check. Once you've educated yourself about the options, the standards you set and the methods you use are your choice.

common groundsel Common groundsel - an annual with deeply lobed leaves and small yellow disk flowers - contains alkaloids that make it poisonous to horses and cattle.

A word about herbicides

As shown in this brochure, it's possible to manage weeds without herbicides. If you do decide to use herbicides, consult the Cornell Cooperative Extension Guide: Commercial Production and Maintenance of Trees and Shrubs and consider the following: