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Found a cockroach? (Saw a GAZILLION?)  Don’t panic.

Reduce moisture

Repair leaks, insulate pipes, and caulk gaps around sinks, tubs, and pipes to prevent water from getting behind walls. Repair worn grouting; moisture-proof walls behind dishwashers. Secure countertops and the splashboard behind the kitchen sink.

Hang your dishrag and shower mat in the open to dry. Keep the bathroom as dry as possible. Wipe up spills and puddles. Don’t let water stand in houseplant dishes or in the pan under the refrigerator.

Destroy their refuges

INSIDE: Eliminating clutter is a critical part of roach management. A clean but cluttered home may still harbor roaches if there’s ample shelter and access. Do not store paper bags, containers, cardboard, magazines, newspaper, equipment, boxes, or clothes on the floor, or wedge paper bags between appliances or inside cabinets.

If there are gaps in your kitchen cabinets or between pieces of wood shelving, clean, vacuum, and caulk them. Where possible, keep moveable storage shelves 12” off the floor and 8” away from walls for better inspection.

“Lock the doors” on cockroaches by sealing all the small openings that are pathways into your home. If you live in an apartment building, pay special attention to walls that adjoin other units.

Repair cracks and crevices in basement walls and floors (clean, then seal with cement, caulk, grout, or latex paint). Steel wool may be inserted into cracks for a quick fix. Cover drains in the basement and floors with window screening. Tighten loose windows and weather-strip doors.

Seal gaps around water, gas, and heating pipes, both inside and out. Use heat-tolerant caulk to seal gaps around heating and hot water pipes, and other caulks to seal gaps around cold water and gas pipes, heat registers, air ducts, electrical chases, and false ceilings.

Replace missing or damaged baseboards.

OUTSIDE: Remove debris. Cut back ground cover near buildings. Move garbage cans and firewood away from buildings.