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Manuals, Brochures, & Articles for Field Crops

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Alfalfa Weevil Management Guide 572k pdf file
A Method to Measure the Environmental Impact of Pesticides  
Black Cutworm in Field Corn Management Guide 436K pdf file
Classification of Acaricides and Insecticides for Resistance Management 780k pdf file
Corn Rootworm Management in Field Corn 68k pdf file
Diseases of Alfalfa (Leaf Spots) Management Guide 220k pdf file
Diseases of Alfalfa (Wilts and Rots) Management Guide 216k pdf file
Diseases of Corn 72k pdf file
Early Season Insect Pests of Corn 496k pdf file
Fall Season Pest Management Opportunities  
Get the Bugs Out ... Safely! 648k pdf file
IPM and Water Quality: Minimizing Pesticide Risk  
Potato Leafhopper Management in Alfalfa  
Potato Leafhopper on Alfalfa 304k pdf file
Six Steps for Profitable and Environmentally Sound Management of Crop Pests  
Soybean Foliar Fungicides: Yield Benefit or an Extra Expense? 191k pdf file
Soybean Pest Management Highlights  
Soybean Pests (Diseases and Weeds) Management Guide 44k pdf file
Soybean Pests (Insects) Management Guide 140k pdf file
Tactical Agriculture Teams (TAg Teams): Intensive Training Program for Today's Economically and Environmentally Conscious Farmer 540k pdf file
Weeds in Corn Management Guide 512k pdf file