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Efficacy trials of OMRI approved materials on vegetable crops


The number of pest management materials approved for organic production is quite small, and many of the products that are available have not had the extensive efficacy testing that synthetic pesticides have had. It’s hard to know what to use for some of the pest problems that persist in organic management systems. As part of a Northeast SARE funded project, I subsidized the addition of OMRI approved materials in several efficacy trials conducted by Cornell faculty. The trials were not conducted on organically managed land, but can give us an idea of which products have potential for controlling some of the difficult to manage pests.


Thanks to Ward Tingey, Tony Shelton, Brian Nault, Bill Wilsey, and Jason Plate for including these products in their trials. Thanks to Lee Stivers for conducting, and Porter farms for hosting, the tomato disease trial. The following companies supplied products for the trials: AMVAC Chemical Corporation, Bioworks, Certis USA, Engelhard Corporation, and Troy Biosciences.