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What's All the Buzz about Mosquitoes?

What can you do?

Culex pipiens, the most common mosquito around the home and around the world, is the primary carrier of encephalitis viruses. It has a very small home range and usually does not fly more than 300 feet from a breeding site. Because this mosquito breeds in small pools of standing water containing leaves or other debris, backyards can be the perfect habitat! Rain gutters, cups, cans, and birdbaths are "home, sweet home." When given a breeding site, mosquitoes will stay in the area. To reduce Culex mosquito populations and the need for pesticides, you must regularly inspect your surroundings for potential breeding areas and disrupt these sites.

Ways to "fight the bite"

Before you even consider spraying insecticides over your entire yard, take a preventative approach. Insecticides should be a last resort.

Prevent mosquito breeding

drawing showing steep sides of a pond compared to shallow

Sides of goldfish ponds should be steep (top). Gradual, sloping sides provide places for mosquitoes to breed that large goldfish cannot reach (bottom).

Protect yourself against Culex mosquitoes

Stay informed

These steps will help protect you from mosquitoes, disease, and risks associated with pesticides. With greater public participation (i.e., you!), mosquito numbers can be reduced.