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Managing Bacterial Diseases of Tomatoes and Peppers


It was not possible to obtain a seed lot that was known to be infested with C. michiganensissubsp.michiganensis. We obtained commercial seed of a variety in which growers had previously seen bacterial canker, which was designated Geneva. Four hundred seeds from the Geneva seed lot were subjected to the following seed treatments and sent to the seed testing facility at the Geneva Experiment Station to determine percent germination:

Additional seeds from the Geneva lot were subjected to 3 additional seed treatments, planted in the greenhouse and transplanted into the field. The greenhouses used to produce the transplants were located at the Geneva Experiment Station and have no prior history of bacterial canker.

These treatments were not tested in the seed lab for germination:

Foliar and soil treatments that were included in the field study were:

SoilGard 12G Milsana
Aliette Spent mushroom mulch
Zero-Tol Shiitake leachate treatment
Kocide Tea tree oil