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Pest-Specific IPM Tips

Cabbage looper and cabbageworm--Hand pick; encourage paper wasps and birds, which kill them; apply Bt.

Aphids--Wash off with a strong jet of water.

white grubGrubs--Tolerate up to 10 per square foot (peel back one square foot of lawn to check). Try parasitic nematodes or milky spore disease, a bacterium that may reduce Japanese beetle grub populations when used with other management tactics. (It is most effective in specific areas of the state.)

Japanese Beetles--(adult form of grub). Knock from plants into a bucket of soapy water. Japanese beetle traps may actually increase the number of beetles in your yard; entire regions might be protected with perimeter traps set every 200 feet.

Moles--Understand that they eat grubs, which become Japanese beetles and other pests. Remove with mechanical mole traps or reduce your grub populations.

Ticks--Keep grassy areas mowed. Wear light-colored clothing that is tucked into socks at ankles; check yourself regularly, when outside and then at home. For ticks to transmit diseases, they must attach and feed for many hours.

Weeds--Put lawn weeds at a disadvantage by cutting grass blades no shorter than 3". In the garden, lay cardboard or mulch on pathways, and mulch between plants.