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Grubs in your lawn?

a guide for lawn care professionals and homeowners

How Nature Fights Grubs

Natural enemies kill grubs

In the soil, microscopic worms known as nematodes live and breed. Some nematodes infect and kill grubs, thereby reducing populations. You can also purchase and release nematodes that will kill grubs, if used properly. Other natural diseases and parasites occur in the soil. If you see sick or dying grubs, as pictured here, it may be best to let nature do its work.

white grub infected with milky spore
A grub infected with milky spore disease.
white grub infected with nematodes
Parasitic nematodes inside a grub.
white grub infected with metarhizium
A grub infected with Metarhizium, a fungus.
All photos by J. Ogrodnick, NYSAES Photo.