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Grape IPM in the Northeast

Vineyard Pest Management Calendar

The following pages contain a vineyard pest management "calendar" that describes pest events occurring at 13 specific growth stages. A summary of this information is presented in Table 1 (25k pdf file). While short descriptions of insects and diseases are presented in this section, more complete descriptions of major pests' life cycles, damage or symptoms, and management strategies can be found in Appendices 1, 2, and 3. In order to limit the length of this calendar and make it more useful, complete references to weather equipment, postinfection disease management programs, and economics have been placed in the appendices. For other management options using additional pesticides, please consult the current edition of the New York and Pennsylvania Pest Management Guidelines for Commercial Grape Production.



Bud Swell

3- to 6-Inch Shoot Growth

10- to 12-Inch Shoot Growth

Immediate Prebloom

Trace Bloom



Pea-Size Berries

Third Week In July

Early August

Third Week in August


Table 1. Grape Pest Calendar 25k pdf file