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Integrated Pest Management Field Guide For Christmas Trees: Douglas Fir, True Firs, Spruce

by Stephanie D. Mallozzi


Download the document in sections:

Cover with EOE Funds Statement, 221k pdf file

Insects & Diseases by Tree Species, 69k pdf file

Index of Growing Degree Days Calendar 1, 78k pdf file

Insects & Diseases Seasonal Timeline, 119k pdf file

Christmas Tree IPM Scouting Guidelines Section, 384k pdf file

Insect Section, 887k pdf file

Disease Section, 488k pdf file

Abiotic Section, 243k pdf file

Vertebrate Section, 309k pdf file

Web Resources, 84k pdf file

References, 77k pdf file

Acknowledgements, 66k pdf file

Beneficial Arthropods, 217k pdf file

Invasive Pests, 319k pdf file

Photo Credits, 199k pdf file

Christmas Tree Scouting Form for Manual, 98k pdf file

Timeline Pests Page 1, 95k pdf file

Timeline Pests Page 2, 88k pdf file