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BEASTS BEGONE! Appendix A: Animal Identification

Weasels weasel

Predatory mammals with long slender bodies, short legs, and rounded ears. Depending on species, weight ranges from 2 1/2 oz. to 12 oz. In summer, fur is brown above and white below. In winter, the fur is all white. In two larger species, the tail is black tipped year round. Occasional invaders of basements, wall voids, and human living spaces. May be hunting rodents.

Access Routes

Physical cover (vegetation, piles of firewood or debris, openings underneath decks and additions) can facilitate access.

Entry Sites

Usually openings around foundation.


High-pitched shrieks.

Gnaw Marks and Food Remains

Food caches (mouse carcasses)

Fecal Droppings

Dark, long, and slender; containing fur/bones/feathers.




Length: 1/4 to 1/2 inch


Back and sides of animal: light brown.
Belly: white with yellowish cast.
Tail: varies brown to black.

Back and sides, belly: white; may have yellowish cast.
Tail: some hairs may be dark.

Tracks: weasel track   Front: 1/2 as long as hind  Hind: 1 in.

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