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Elizabeth Lamb Named IPM Ornamentals Coordinator

Contact: Donald Rutz, 315 787 2353,
Jennifer Grant, 315 787 2209,

by Mary Woodsen

Elizabeth Lamb Named IPM Ornamentals Coordinator in New York State

Dr. Elizabeth Lamb has been named ornamental IPM coordinator of the New York State Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program.

As former coordinator of the University of Florida’s Horticultural Sciences Teaching Program, Lamb developed programs and courses for commercial growers that ranged from vector control and disease identification to hydroponics and direct marketing, with particular strengths in biopesticdes and organic production. She has also served as vice-president of the education division of the American Society of Horticultural Science and has been a sought-after guest for radio and TV shows.

“Betsy brings a broad range of experience in greenhouse and field production to New York's $275-million floriculture, nursery, and sod industry,” says Jennifer Grant, assistant director and community IPM coordinator for the New York State IPM Program. “She's a team player and an engaging teacher and networker who has fresh ideas on practical, new and alternative ideas and techniques for people in the field.”

This is a homecoming for Lamb, a Geneva, New York, native who completed her masters degree at Cornell University.

“What attracted me to the program is that it’s highly team-oriented and mission-oriented,” Lamb says. “It’s a great way to get good things done—and to have an effect that’s larger than the group.”

Lamb joins the program on May 1, 2006. Integrated Pest Management promotes least-risk ways to manage pests, whether on the farm or in the community.