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Pest has 0, 8 or more legs, and …

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option 1Pest has 8 legs and 2 body parts (tick or spider-like)

option 2Pest has 0 or more than 8 legs


sowbug killer spider
sowbug killer spider, (3/8-5/8", 11-15 mm), photo by Joseph Berger,
For more information, see What's Bugging You: Spiders
blacklegged tick
blacklegged ticks, (1/8", 2.7mm), photo by Jim Occi, BugPics,
For more information, see What's Bugging You: Ticks


clover mite
clover mite, (1/64", 0.75 mm), photo by Rayanne Lehman, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture,


bird mite
bird mite, (3/128", 0.5 mm), photo by Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,


No legs:

fly maggot
(1/8-3/8", 3–9 mm)

Numerous legs:

(1/4-5/8", 7-15 mm)


house centipede
house centipede
(1/8-6", 4-152 mm)


stone centipede
stone centipede
(up to 2", 50 mm), photo by Joseph Berger,


(1/16-4 1/2", 2-115 mm)

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Unless otherwise noted, all photos and illustrations by NYS IPM Staff