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Pest wings are not clear, and are thickened, and …

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Choose the best option:

option 1Pest does not have structures extending from the rear

  • tube or needle-like mouthparts
  • half of the wings are thickened, other half membraneous
  • resembles an "X" on the back

option 2Pest has two or more structures extending from abdomen (rear); look at insect from top and bottom


boxelder bug
boxelder bug, photo by Link Elmore,


seed bug
seed bug, photo by Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,
For more information, see What's Bugging You: Occasional Invaders


brown marmorated stink bug
stink bug, photo by Gary Bernon, USDA APHIS,
For more information, see The Unwelcome House Guest: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug—A Guide for Residents, Property Managers, and Pest Management Professionals, 550k pdf file



American cockroach
American cockroach
(1 3/8-2 1/8", 34-53 mm)


field cricket
(1/2-1 1/8", 13-30 mm)


house cricket
house cricket
(1/2-1 1/8", 13-30 mm)


(1 1/5-2 1/8", 42-55 mm)


(1-5", 25-127 mm), photo by Albert (Bud) Mayfield, USDA Forest Service,


cerci on katydid
close-up of structures at rear end of katydid

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Unless otherwise noted, all photos and illustrations by NYS IPM Staff