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Pest jumps when disturbed, and …

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option 1Pest flattened from sides

  • one eye on either side of body
  • brown, hopping insect
  • associated with pets

option 2Pest not flattened from sides; attracted to light, found on windowsills

Pest has long legs and lives in damp places


cat flea
cat flea,
(1/8", 2.5 mm), photo by Pest and Diseases Image Library,


flea, dorsal view
flea, view from top
Notice how flat it is.
For more information, see What's Bugging You: Fleas


(1/32-1/8”, 1-3mm)
For more information, see What's Bugging You: Occasional Invaders


cave or camel cricket
cave or camel cricket, (1/2-1 1/4", 12-33 mm), photo by Clemson University - USDA Cooperative Extension Slide Series,

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Unless otherwise noted, all photos and illustrations by NYS IPM Staff