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No structures at rear end, and …

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Pest body appears flattened, may be oval

  • body oval to round
  • color either yellow or brownish-red
  • biting insect

Pest body is not flattened or oval


group of bed bugs
Bed bugs
(3/16", 4-5 mm), L to R: unfed adult; adult after a blood meal; late instar nymph; early instar nymph


body louse
Body louse
(1/16-1/8", 2-4.2 mm), photo by James L. Castner, University of Florida.


pubic louse
Pubic louse
(1/32-1/16", 1.3–2 mm), drawing by Division of Plant Industry, University of Florida.


lice nits in hair
Nits (eggs) of head lice,
Pediculus humanus capitis De Geer, (0.8 by 0.3mm) on scalp. Photograph by Clay Scherer, University of Florida.


carpenter ant
carpenter ant
(1/8-1/2", 3.5-13mm)


termite worker
termite worker
(1/8-1/4", 5-7 mm)


book louse
book louse
(1/32-1/4", 1-6 mm)

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Unless otherwise noted, all photos and illustrations by NYS IPM Staff