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Manuals, Brochures, & Articles for Buildings & Schools

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Allowable Herbicides for Schools & Day Care Centers 132k pdf file
Beasts Begone! A Practitioner's Guide to IPM in Buildings  
Bed bugs are back! An IPM answer. 388k pdf file
Classification of Acaricides and Insecticides for Resistance Management 780k pdf file
Community Integrated Pest Management 343k pdf file
Controlling Squirrel Problems in Buildings 38k pdf file
Evict and Exile Mice from your Home 392k pdf file
Found a Cockroach? Saw a Gazillion? Don't Panic. 472K pdf file
Get the Bugs Out ... Safely! 648k pdf file
Don’t Let Carpenter Ants Renovate Your Home! 268k pdf file
Integrated Pest Management for Northeast Schools 1.7 Mb pdf file
IPM for Homes 144K pdf file
Mix It Up: Using a combination of techniques and timing are keys to successful bird management in and around food facilities. Reprinted with permission of PCT magazine. © 2014. 133k pdf file
Non-toxic pest management for collections 138K pdf file
Pest Management Practices: A Survey of Public School Districts in New York State 262k pdf file
Prevent Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Infestations by Building Them Out  
IPM Workbook for New York State Schools 1MB pdf file
The Child Safe Playing Fields Act: NY's ban on pesticide use on school and day care center grounds 21k pdf file
¿Qué pasa con el mosquito? 357k pdf file
Test, Don't Guess: How to submit plant and insect samples for diagnosis. 408k pdf file
Wasp and Bee Management: A Common-Sense Approach  
What’s all the buzz about mosquitoes? 365K pdf file
What is Community Integrated Pest Management?  
What is IPM? Basics for Teachers 385k pdf file