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Fruit IPM Publications and Resources

From Cornell Fruit Resources
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Contents of this page:
Manuals, Guides, Posters, Brochures
Pesticide Resources
Analytical Labs
Diagnostic Resources
Field Guides
NYS IPM Program Project Reports
Plant Management Network
Cornell Gardening Resources
Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home (2003)
Cornell Fruit Resources
NY and Cornell Univ. Newsletters
Tree Fruit and Berry Pathology website
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Manuals, Guides, Posters, Brochures
New York Integrated Fruit Production Protocol for Apples 5.3 Mb pdf file
Apple IPM Manual resources
Grape IPM in the Northeast
Spotted Wing Drosophila 232k pdf file
Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America (Cornell Univ)
Organic Guides
               Organic Apples, 1.3Mb pdf file
               Organic Blueberries, 1.3MB pdf file
               Organic Grapes, 1MB pdf file
               Organic Strawberries, 964k pdf file
Apple Biofix Table
Apple IPM Poster 336k pdf file
Trac Software brochure
IPM Practitioner's 2015 Directory of Least-Toxic Pesticide Products
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Pesticide Resources
A Method to Measure the Environmental Impact of Pesticides
               EIQ Table
               EIQ Calculator
Classification of Acaricides and Insecticides for Resistance Management  780k pdf file
Crop Profiles for Fruit
NYS PIMS Current Products
Pesticide Safety Education Program
Pesticide Management Education Program
Pesticide Safety Videos (North Dakota State Univ.)
Biopesticides (EPA)
OMRI Products List
Biopesticide and Organic Pesticide Search (IR-4)
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Analytical Labs
Agro-One Services (soil and tissue testing)
Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic (Dept. of Plant Pathology)
Insect Diagnostic Lab (Dept. of Entomology)
Bailey Hortorium (Plant identification, Dept. of Plant Biology)
Extension Botanist, Ed Cope:, 607-255-0441
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Diagnostic Resources
Diagnostic Keys for Diseases on Apple, Peach, and Cherry Trees (1984 FLS bulletin #108, 162 kb pdf)
Diagnostic Keys to Tree Fruit Diseases
Keys to Major Tree Fruit Diseases in the Mid-Atlantic Region (West Virginia Univ)
Visual Gallery of Images of Tree Fruit Insect Pests in the Mid-Atlantic Region (West Virginia Univ)
Berry Diagnostic Tool
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Field Guides
Tree Fruit Field Guide (2006, NRAES book #169)
Apple Pocket Guide (Mich. State Univ)
Blueberry Pocket Guide (Mich. State Univ)
Grape Pocket Guide (Mich. State Univ)
Stone Fruit Pocket Guide (Mich. State Univ)
Identifying Natural Enemies Pocket Guide (Mich. State Univ)
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NYS IPM Program Project Reports
Indexed by Year
Tree Fruit Reports
Grape Reports
Berry Reports
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Plant Management Network
Plant Management Network, extension publication search
Plant Management Network, insect management tests
Plant Management Network, disease management tests
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