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Integrated Pest Management for Confined Dairy Animal Fly Pests IPM Teleconference

Link to Webcast (including system requirements) Program Description Speakers & Program Agenda

Download the archive of Integrated Pest Management for Confined Dairy Animal Fly Pests web streamed program originally broadcast May 3, 2007.

Download a 3.5 Mb pdf file of the PowerPoint Program section of IPM for Confined Dairy Animal Fly Pests.

The web streamed broadcast is equally accessible on either PC or Macintosh platforms. NOTE: You will need Real Player software installed on your computer. A free download of the Real Player software is available. The webcast will be available via 225K sure stream connection which will allow access by a wide spectrum of band widths.

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Program Description



Summer is just around the corner and with it the fly season for livestock producers…..

If you are a dairy producer or work with them you might be interested in viewing an on-line Dairy Fly IPM Training.

This two hour Dairy Fly Management Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program was originally broadcast on the web Thursday, May 3, 2007 from 10 am to noon. This northeast SARE sponsored program was designed to provide extension personnel, producers, veterinarians and other agriculture professionals with an overview on what one needs to know about managing house and stable fly populations in confined dairy facilities.

Speakers included an IPM specialist and two veterinary entomologists from Cornell University and the University of Florida. The workshop presented IPM principles and practices to help producers avoid, minimize, or manage dairy house fly and stable fly populations. Topics included pest identification and biology, assessment techniques, management including discussions on cultural control, biological control using natural enemies, trapping, insecticides including insecticide resistance and suggestions for additional resources. A portion of the program was devoted to a "questions from the audience" session.

This web streamed broadcast was the first by our livestock IPM team in use of this outreach medium. We would appreciate your feedback on its content and accessibility. We would also appreciate your feedback, interest, and suggestions for future livestock IPM webcast programs. Comments can be sent to: Keith Waldron,

For more information on Dairy Cattle IPM you may wish to visit and review materials, such as the Cornell Dairy Cattle Recommends and various fly and other livestock pest management factsheets, available on the NYS IPM Program Livestock page and the Cornell Veterinary Entomology websites.

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Speakers & Program Agenda


Dr. Phillip Kaufman
Assistant Professor
Veterinary Entomology Program
University of Florida

Dr. Donald Rutz
Director of the NYS IPM Program &
Professor of Veterinary Entomology
Cornell University

Keith Waldron
NYS Livestock and Field Crop IPM Coordinator
NYS Agricultural Experiment Station - Cornell University

Program Agenda

10 am Speaker Introductions and Objectives of Program

10:10 Introduction to Dairy Fly IPM: (DR, PK)

Steps to Effective Fly Management: (KW)

Correct Identification and Biology (DR)

Monitoring and Assessment (KW)

Management Alternatives: (KW)

Cultural Control (KW)

Physical / Mechanical Control (KW)

Biological Control (DR)

Insecticides (PK)

Intervention- timely action (DR)

Evaluate effectiveness (DR)

11:25 Break

11:35 Questions and Answers (PK, DR, KW)

Note instructions above regarding sending questions via email or phone.

11:55 Wrap Up (KW)

12:00 Adjourn

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