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Request for Projects in Community Integrated Pest Management, 2015
Research and Implementation

Please download our Request for Projects for Community IPM (163k pdf file).

Please see our Community IPM Research Priorities.


Dear Community IPM Researchers and Implementers:

The release of our 2015 RFP for mini-grant proposals has been delayed because of budget technicalities. These wrinkles have also changed the eligibility requirements for this year. Please note: "Eligibility for these grants has changed from previous years, due to funding technicalities. If you are a Cornell University employee, or work in a Cornell University program, you are eligible. All others—including employees of county based CCE programs, BOCES, or private entities—may be eligible. Please speak with me to discuss eligibility before working on a proposal. Otherwise, this RFP is the same as previous years, with some changes in the priority list.”

In addition, we will not be able to announce awards until June. Nevertheless, we hope some of you will be interested in applying.

Thank you,
Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann, Community IPM Coordinator