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Breeding and Evaluation of Squash and Pumpkin for Multiple Disease and Insect Resistance 1999

Project Leader: R. W. Robinson, Horticultural Sciences Dept, NY State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, NY 14456

Cooperators: R. Provvidenti, Plant Pathology Dept., NY State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, NY; M.P. Hoffman, Entomology Dept.; M.K. Jahn, Plant Breeding Dept.; T.A. Zitter, Plant Pathology Dept.,


The summer squash 'Witaker', developed in a Cornell breeding program partially funded by the NYS IPM Program, is resistant to more diseases than any other squash variety. Crosses were made this year with 'Whitaker' to incorporate resistance to additional diseases and an insect into 'Whitaker' and other varieties. Resistance to watermelon mosaic virus was emphasized in the crosses and virus tests. Crosses and tests were also made for resistance to cucumber beetles.

Crosses were made to transfer the multiple disease resistance of 'Whitaker' to pumpkin. Breeding lines were selected for disease resistance and good pumpkin fruit type. Pumpkin breeding lines from these crosses that were resistant to one or more diseases were crossed those resistant to other disease in order to pyramid genes for disease resistance.