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Westchester County Golf Course IPM Demonstration Project 1999

Project Leaders: Todd Schongalla, Horticulture Program Director and James Lee, Horticulture Educator, CCE of Westchester County; Gary Couch, Southeast Area IPM Educator, NY State IPM Program, Dr. Patricia Vittum, Associate Professor of Entomology, University of Massachusetts.

Cooperators: Gary Metz, Manager and Doug Hall, Greenskeeper, Dunwoodie Golf Course; John Sackel, Manager and Kevin Duffy, Greenskeeper, Maple Moor Golf Course; Joe Stout, Deputy Commissioner and Ronald Demkovich, County Golf Course Superintendent - Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation (PRC). Rod Ferrentino, Urban IPM Coordinator; Dr. Michael Villani, Associate Professor of Entomology; and Dr. Frank Rossi, Assistant Professor of Turfgrass Science - Cornell University. Dr. Tamsen Yeh, Turfgrass Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Nassau County. Westchester County Pest Management Committee and the Education Committee of the Metropolitan Golf Course Superintendents Association (MGCSA).

Abstract: The Westchester County Golf Course IPM Project seeks to demonstrate the efficacy of regular monitoring, spot treatment, biocontrols, less toxic insecticides and other techniques of integrated pest management on county golf courses characterized by high traffic and low budgets.