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IPM Demonstration and Implementation Plan for Christmas Tree Growers 1999

Project Leader(s): Stephanie Mallozzi, Horticulture Team Coordinator, CCE — Dutchess County and Gary Couch, Cornell Ornamentals IPM Specialist — Hudson Valley.

Cooperator(s): George Hudler, Plant Pathology Professor, Cornell University, Karen Snover, Director, Cornell Plant Pathology Diagnostic Laboratory, Leslie Weston, Weed Science Professor, Cornell University.

Type of grant: Training practitioners to use IPM techniques

Project location(s): Dutchess County

Abstract: The program increased in both numbers of participants and acreage enrolled in 2002. Outside resources were acquired and distributed. Pests and pest management patterns were further delineated. Growers were educated via one-on-one contact, newsletters, and a workshop. A weed management demonstration trial was initiated and results were viewed and discussed at a twilight workshop. IPM signage was developed and distributed to growers for display at their farms. This Christmas tree IPM demonstration and education program continues to be unique to Dutchess County and New York State. We expect this program to eventually become a blueprint for others to establish a Christmas tree IPM education program in other parts of New York State.