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Branching Out, An Integrated Pest Management Newsletter for Trees and Shrubs 1999

Project Leader: George Hudler


Branching Out is intended to improve pest identification and appraisal, maximize timing for scouting and management activities, offer a forum for public dialogue between scientists and pest managers, and provide a formal, annual published record of insect and disease occurrence in New York State.


In 1998 about 600 people subscribed to volume 5 of Branching Out. It was a banner year for leaf diseases because of wet weather. The newsletter covered developing epidemics of tar spot of Norway maple and sycamore anthracnose. Unnecessary pesticide applications were avoided due to the information disseminated about these two diseases. Readers were given the most up-to-date information available on two new pests: Weir’s spruce needle rust and viburnum leaf beetle. Several FIFRA 2(ee) pesticide registration exemptions were distributed through Branching Out for the first time this year. Finally, the Branching Out staff participated in four training sessions for public school officials charged with grounds and athletic field maintenance.