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Report of the Northeast Weather Association 1998

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Project Leaders: Curt Petzoldt, NYS IPM Program, Geneva; Tim Weigle NYS IPM Program, Fredonia; John Gibbons, IPM and NEWA Weather Assistant; and Cheryl Ten Eyck, IPM Computer Programmer


The Northeast Weather Association (NEWA) has operated in New York since late 1995. It is a private non-profit organization with members who are farmers,  food processors, extension staff, Cornell faculty, and others from the agricultural industry in New York. The organization is affiliated with the New York IPM Program at Cornell. The purpose of NEWA is to provide a focus for weather interests of the agricultural industry in New York and neighboring states. NEWA provides a network which connects to privately owned weather instruments and downloads data which is run through research based disease and insect forecast models. The results are made available to members over the internet and via FAX.

Goals for 1998 Funding:

  1. Keep the NEWA electronic weather network operational for the 1998 season
  2. Solicit new members for NEWA from among fruit, vegetable, field crop, and
  3. other appropriate growers.
  4. Maintain NEWA’s ability to contract with a private weather forecaster for forecast information.
  5. Test Wireless Data Links to lessen lightening risks.