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Demonstrations of Sustainable Vegetable Pest and Crop Management: Fresh Market Sweet Corn 1998

Project Leaders: Curtis Petzoldt, M. Hoffmann, S. Reiners, A. Seaman, W. Pool, G. Harman, P. Curtis, A. Shelton, G. White, L. Willett, H. Dillard, R. Bellinder, M. Orfanedes, L. Stivers, R. Wildman


Four sweet corn pest and crop management systems (organic, IPM/Present, IPM/Future, and conventional) were defined and implemented on grower farms and on a university research farm. The first years results showed differences among the four systems in terms of economics, pest control efficacy and environmental impact. Generally the conventional and IPM systems were the most profitable while the organic system showed the least environmental impact. Information on the comparisons was disseminated to growers and other food industry personnel. In cooperation with Wegmans supermarkets consumers were informed of IPM practices on sweet corn which were documented by growers. Fifteen growers participated in documenting IPM practices and in many cases have reduced pesticide use. Five of the fifteen growers were among the nine involved in the demonstrations conducted in this project.