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Pest Reduction Analysis of Onion Fields Following a Sudan Grass Rotation on Muck Soils in New York 1998

Project Leader: John Mishanec


1. Evaluate and pinpoint the causes of early-season loss in nonrotated fields through comparison with fields rotated with Sudan grass.

2. Continue to evaluate the long-term residual benefits of Sudan grass two and three years after rotation.


Nonrotated onion fields and onion fields following rotation to lettuce, spinach, potatoes, and Sudan grass were evaluated for thrips, botrytis leaf blight, pink root, bacterial rot, and black mold. A statistical difference was found among these fields only in relation to black mold. Incidence of black mold was higher in nonrotated fields than in rotated fields. Evaluation of stand counts, yields and onion size revealed that stand counts and yields were higher in rotated fields, while size was slightly smaller.