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Early-Season Establishment of Trichogramma ostriniae for Season-Long Suppression of European Corn Borer in Sweet Corn 1998

Project Leader: Mike Hoffmann


Evaluate early-season, inoculative releases of Trichogramma ostriniae for on-farm establishment and season-long suppression of European corn borer in fresh-market sweet corn


Early-season, inoculative releases of T. ostriniae in fields of fresh-market sweet corn resulted in parasitism of European corn borer egg masses up to 52 days after release, indicating successful on-farm reproduction and establishment. Although total control is not likely to be achieved by use of Trichogramma alone, the incorporation of corn borer mortality rates into the decision-making process should reduce insecticide inputs.

Emergence of T. ostriniae was successfully protracted (so as to increase the chances of favorable conditions on release) by manipulating them to create different "age classes." Continuous emergence over 12 days was achieved by mixing the age classes within a release.