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Novel Use of Japanese Beetle Pheromone and Floral Lures to Reduce Grub Populations in Turfgrass 1998

Project Leaders: Mike Villani, Wendell Roelofs


Determine whether Japanese grub populations can be reduced in turfgrass by uncoupling the dual lure system used in standard Japanese beetle traps and instead using a two lure-two trap system to isolate male and female subpopulations, thereby decreasing mating opportunities.


At all five sites the "pheromone-only" and "floral lure-only" traps caught fewer beetles overall than did the combined-lure traps. Of equal concern to numbers caught is the ratio of males to females caught, since we are attempting to trap them separately. Pheromone-only traps caught mostly male beetles, as expected. Traps baited only with floral lures caught equal percentages of females and males, while dual-lure traps caught 30 to 40% female beetles. These results suggest that the separate lure system is more effective in trapping males and females separately than the dual-lure system but less effective in trapping beetles overall. The segregation was not sufficient to prevent mating.