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Bedding Plants and Poinsettias in Orange and Ulster Counties 1998

Project Leaders: Susan MacAvery, Teresa Rusinek, Andrew Corbin


1. Expand participation in the Greenhouse IPM Program in Orange and Ulster Counties.

2. Continue and expand biological control demonstrations in order to gather information on efficacy and application.

3. Improve the efficacy of pest control strategies.

4. Continue focus on detection and control of impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV).

5. Instruct growers in IPM monitoring and scouting guidelines.

6. Provide educational opportunities for non-participating growers and general public.


Fifteen growers (including five new enrollees) participated in a formal IPM scouting program for poinsettias and bedding plants. The predatory mite Neoseiulus cucumeris was successfully used to control thrips for a second consecutive season in the retail portion of a greenhouse range. Trichoderma harzianum was applied to control Botrytis leaf blight on New Guinea impatiens. INSV was detected in two-thirds of the participating greenhouses, and several of them experienced significant crop losses due to this virus. Growers received education on pest control strategies, with special emphasis on improving cultural practices and using chemical pesticides wisely. The biweekly publication Crop Management News was sent to participating and nonparticipating growers, and other educational opportunities, such as workshops, were offered to the general public.