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Combining Reduced Herbicide Rates and Cultivation for Effective Weed Control in Corn 1998

Project Leader: Jane Mt. Pleasant


Demonstrate the efficacy and economic benefits of using reduced-rate or banded herbicides with cultivation for weed control in corn.


There were no significant differences among the four weed control treatments in Orleans County. Cultivated-only treatments yielded lower than herbicide treatments, but banded and broadcast treatment yields did not differ. In Lewis County banded treatments yielded lower and had higher weed biomass than broadcast treatments. Broadcast-plus-cultivation treatments did not differ in yield from broadcast-only treatments, since corn was cultivated late and experienced some stand loss. Since there was yield loss from banded treatments at one site, caution should be exercised in recommending banding and cultivation to growers not able to commit to good field preparation. (The site in question was extremely weedy.)

Growers who are already cultivating have the most to gain from banding, since they are already adept at cultivation and would not have to purchase new equipment. In addition, a grower who is less adept at cultivation is probably more likely to experience the apparent potential for yield loss associated with using a banded herbicide.