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Demonstration of a Postemergence Weed Management Strategy and Reexamination of Grape Berry Moth Management Practices in the Lake Erie Region 1998

Project Leaders: T. Weigle, R. Dunst, G. English-Loeb, B. Shaffer, J. Bixby


1. Demonstrate the effectiveness of the postemergence weed management protocol

2. Evaluate the current growing-degree-day model for predicting grape berry moth generations.

3. Evaluate the economics and environmental impact of the different pest management protocols.


Under-the-row weed management in Lake Erie vineyards has traditionally relied on the use of a preemergence herbicide application in the spring followed by a postemergence application at the time of grape bloom. Results of this project are that weed control equivalent to that obtained with this conventional system was achieved by limiting herbicide application to the postemergence period. The amount of active ingredient per acre was reduced by 65% in one vineyard and by 83% in another.